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Launch Operator Licenses are Available in Two Categories:
OUPV (6-Pack) Limited:
This license is for UNINSPECTED launches that carry no more than 6 passengers. What is "limited" is the physical distance the launch may travel from the dock, or, limitations on the geographic location (such as a certain Bay) within which the launch may operate. The applicant must be at least 17 years old and be able to show a minimum of 90 days of boating experience on inland waterways.

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The most popular riverboat cruises include the: Nile Exotic River, Mississippi North American River, Yangtze Exotic River, Mekong Exotic River, The Danube European River, Rhine European River, Seine European River and Volga Russia River.



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Master Inland Limited:
This license is for Coast Guard INSPECTED launches that carry 7 passengers or more. The "limited" stipulation refers to the physical distance that launch may go from the dock, or the geographical area that the launch may be operated over. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and be able to show a minimum of 120 days of boating experience on inland waterways.

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Man who went missing in Pamunkey River identified

The New Kent Sheriff's Office has identified a man who went missing in the Pamunkey River on Sunday.

Small boat catches fire on Niagara River

A small boat caught fire in the Niagara River off of Strawberry Island this afternoon, U.S. Coast Guard officials said. A person on a nearby boat called the Coast Guard’s Buffalo sector and reported a 17-foot vessel was in flames, according to the Buffalo office.

Police release names of boat fire victims

Stuart police have released the names of a family whose boat caught fire Sunday. Charlie Laake, 11, died in the blaze. His parents, Brian and Karen Laake were taken to the hospital after they tried to save him, police said. Stuart police responded to the St. Lucie River near the Roosevelt Bridge late Sunday morning. When they arrived, they found a 46-foot single mast sailboat on fire and two ...


From our rocky perch above the ominously named Disaster Falls cascade on the Green River, we watched as a trio of Adrift rafts maneuvered downstream. The first one slid through the rapid untouched, the oarsman deftly guiding his boat around boils, reversals and big rocks in the stream. ■ But the second raft guide took a line a bit too far to the right and hit a hole, tipped sideways and dumped ...

River of inspiration The Merrimack drew Thoreau 175 years ago as it draws us today

On this day, Aug. 31, 175 years ago, Henry David Thoreau and his elder brother, John, set out on an expedition from Concord, Mass., in a homemade wooden boat.

Point Place boat launch closing

Cullen Park, a Maumee River boat launch in Toledo's Point Place, will close for the remainder of the year on Tuesday so improvements can be finished to the park's ramp, docks, parking areas, and roads, the city of Toledo said today.

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KUCHING: This city will witness the grandest organisation of boat races along Sarawak River this year.

Social workers channel Indiana Jones to deliver welfare checks to Brazil's Amazon

The orange boat racing up the Amazon River tributary is loaded with the essentials for fighting poverty in the jungle: a chainsaw and a dozen social workers.  Mr. Neves himself has praised the program, although he is unlikely to expand it through aggressive efforts such as Busca Ativa. Indeed, a study last year found that nearly three-fourths of voters want Bolsa Família to continue, though ...

LA River Boat Race to Launch on Labor Day Weekend

An inaugural boat race on the much-neglected Los Angeles River is a first; the event is produced by LA River Expeditions. Prior to the scheduled Labor Day weekend event, racing on the river has been, historically, restricted to motorized vehicles during film shoots. (PRWeb August 27, 2014) Read the full story at

Boat captain recovering after failed river rescue

Al Smith, the river boat captain who suffered a massive coronary trying to rescue a man who disappeared into the Red River, is on the road to recovery, his boss said Sunday. “Our staff was over yesterday to visit him. He’s recovering; that’s the main thing,” said Gordon


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