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Launch Operator Licenses are Available in Two Categories:
OUPV (6-Pack) Limited:
This license is for UNINSPECTED launches that carry no more than 6 passengers. What is "limited" is the physical distance the launch may travel from the dock, or, limitations on the geographic location (such as a certain Bay) within which the launch may operate. The applicant must be at least 17 years old and be able to show a minimum of 90 days of boating experience on inland waterways.

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The most popular riverboat cruises include the: Nile Exotic River, Mississippi North American River, Yangtze Exotic River, Mekong Exotic River, The Danube European River, Rhine European River, Seine European River and Volga Russia River.



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Master Inland Limited:
This license is for Coast Guard INSPECTED launches that carry 7 passengers or more. The "limited" stipulation refers to the physical distance that launch may go from the dock, or the geographical area that the launch may be operated over. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and be able to show a minimum of 120 days of boating experience on inland waterways.

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Police: Stranded Boy’s Story Of Friend Missing In Merrimack River Was Hoax

Boats, divers and helicopters were deployed to search the river Tuesday night when the boy told police his 17-year-old friend had fallen into the river from a stolen boat and never resurfaced.

Local man recounts day of fly fishing in southeastern Michigan

A quiet and unnamed river would be my playground for the next eight hours with a fly rod in hand and my fly fishing guide manning the drift boat. The 11-mile stretch we’re about to embark upon boasts a gently flowing river sheltered in with a mass of high trees and steep banks.

Service for Marchioness boat victims

Relatives of 51 people who died when the Marchioness pleasure boat sank in the River Thames in London gather at a service to remember them 25 years on.

Police: Teen made up story of friend falling from boat

A 13-year-old made up a story about another teen falling into the Merrimack River from a stolen boat, triggering an extensive search Tuesday night, police say.

BREAKING: Report of teen missing in river is false, police say

HAVERHILL - The report that a 17-year-old boy is missing in the Merrimack River after falling out of a boat late Tuesday night, apparently is a hoax, police say. Haverhill Police Wednesday morning announced they will issue a press release later in th

Police: Missing Teen in Merrimack River was a Hoax, Charges ‘Probable’

Haverhill Police called off the search for a 17-year-old boy who had allegedly gone missing in the Merrimack River after investigators determined that the report was a hoax. Now authorities are saying they may charge the teen responsible for sparking the search.

Lower Wisconsin River users want Arena landing dredged

The landing on the popular river is being evaluated by the DNR as part of a larger project that may deem it is too prone to sand build-up to dredge.

Boat sinks during start of Regatta race

BRIDGEWATER -- A drag boat sank at the start of a race during the Beaver County River Regatta in Bridgewater Sunday afternoon.

Boat captain recovering after failed river rescue

Al Smith, the river boat captain who suffered a massive coronary trying to rescue a man who disappeared into the Red River, is on the road to recovery, his boss said Sunday. “Our staff was over yesterday to visit him. He’s recovering; that’s the main thing,” said Gordon

State Fish and Wildlife Columbia River regional fishing reports



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