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Launch Operator Licenses are Available in Two Categories:
OUPV (6-Pack) Limited:
This license is for UNINSPECTED launches that carry no more than 6 passengers. What is "limited" is the physical distance the launch may travel from the dock, or, limitations on the geographic location (such as a certain Bay) within which the launch may operate. The applicant must be at least 17 years old and be able to show a minimum of 90 days of boating experience on inland waterways.

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The most popular riverboat cruises include the: Nile Exotic River, Mississippi North American River, Yangtze Exotic River, Mekong Exotic River, The Danube European River, Rhine European River, Seine European River and Volga Russia River.



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Master Inland Limited:
This license is for Coast Guard INSPECTED launches that carry 7 passengers or more. The "limited" stipulation refers to the physical distance that launch may go from the dock, or the geographical area that the launch may be operated over. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and be able to show a minimum of 120 days of boating experience on inland waterways.

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Vessel runs aground off mouth of the Campbell River

A Campbell River Coast Guard crew was called to respond after a boat ran aground near the mouth of Campbell River Monday afternoon.

Ga. men found alive on Ocmulgee River day after boat sank

Authorities say two men from middle Georgia have been found alive and without major injuries the day after their boat sank on the Ocmulgee River.

There's Beauty On Frozen Connecticut River, But Danger, Too

Each February and March for the past decade, Captain Mark Yuknat has been taking passengers aboard the RiverQuest to see the majestic bald eagles that feed and nest along the open waters of the lower Connecticut River.

Anoka seeking $5 million for Rum River Dam

By Eric Hagen ABC Newspapers The city of Anoka is asking the state for $5 million to reconstruct the Rum River Dam to provide a redundant barrier against invasive carp. When boards are installed in the spring, the Rum River Dam provides a pool 13 miles upstream that creates a popular recreational area that dates [...]

New ferry Oscar B comes home to Lower Columbia

ABOARD THE M/V OSCAR B — Sea lions dotted the river ahead like sprinkled black pepper as a stiff February breeze waxed over the boat.

rc boat racing turbo 2015

Do you like the crazy speed and enjoy the boiling blood? Only the fastest will survive!Turbo River Boat Racing is the only FREE racing...

41 dead as Bangladesh ferry sinks, search for missing

An overcrowded ferry sank in a Bangladesh river on Sunday, leaving at least 41 people including 11 children dead as rescuers searched into the night for missing passengers, officials said. The ferry collided with a cargo vessel and sank within minutes on the Padma river, the second deadly boat accident in a fortnight in the country, which has a history of ferry tragedies. The dead included 11 ...

River Thames underwater search started near Hampton Court Palace after boat sinks

See video of a search operation in the River Thames near Hampton Court Palace on Friday evening

Boom in Elegant River Cruises Put India, Asia, Africa Within Reach

NEW YORK ( MainStreet ) — When journeying from one city to another on vacation, the standard options for transportation include being crowded into a hot bus with dozens of other people or perhaps the coach compartment of a train, stiffly watching scenery pass by.

Happening Now: Rain Sinks Boat in Sacramento River, Atmospheric River Passing, New Kings Coach Rumors

Heavy Rain Sinks Rare Boat in Sacramento River Boat owner Alan Helmer is now in recovery mode as he works to retrieve his rare boat that is submerged in the Sacramento River near the River View Marina off Garden Highway. Helmer says his 34-foot mahogany boat is 1954 Hunter classic, and is one of only […]


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