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Launch Operator Licenses are Available in Two Categories:
OUPV (6-Pack) Limited:
This license is for UNINSPECTED launches that carry no more than 6 passengers. What is "limited" is the physical distance the launch may travel from the dock, or, limitations on the geographic location (such as a certain Bay) within which the launch may operate. The applicant must be at least 17 years old and be able to show a minimum of 90 days of boating experience on inland waterways.

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The most popular riverboat cruises include the: Nile Exotic River, Mississippi North American River, Yangtze Exotic River, Mekong Exotic River, The Danube European River, Rhine European River, Seine European River and Volga Russia River.



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Master Inland Limited:
This license is for Coast Guard INSPECTED launches that carry 7 passengers or more. The "limited" stipulation refers to the physical distance that launch may go from the dock, or the geographical area that the launch may be operated over. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and be able to show a minimum of 120 days of boating experience on inland waterways.

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Report backs plans for York river rescue boat

THE founder of the York Rescue Boat said he hoped a recent report would encourage closer work between the charity and City of York Council.

China's Three Gorges Dam boosts economy

A rise in the water level of the Yangtze River has seen companies forsake road and rail transport in favour of shipping, meaning more money is pouring into the regions along the waterway Jin Shengguo, a veteran maintenance worker for the Yangtze River Wanzhou Waterway Management Administration in Chongqing, never imagined that navigating the Bayang Gorge, one of the river's deepest and narrowest ...

Plaquemines Parish leaders discuss Ebola & Mississippi River threat

PLAQUEMINES PARISH (WGNO) - The main concern in Plaquemines is the Mississippi River. The river sees lots of traffic and the goal of the meeting is to get a better understanding of what can be done to keep potentially infected crew members from infecting others.

Boat Spins Out Of Control On Sacramento River After Tossing Fisherman Aside

Bob Rackley’s boat was left turning in circles at full throttle with no one at the helm. Witnesses say they saw him fall overboard, leaving the 13-foot fishing boat spinning in circles.

River traffic locks up: Aging Chickamauga Lock shut down for repairs

A gate failure in the aging Chickamauga Lock has shut down barge and recreational boat traffic on the Tennessee River for up to three weeks.

Runaway Boat Ditches Salmon Fisher, Spins in Circles On Sacramento River

SACRAMENTO RIVER (CBS13) — Yolo County Sheriff’s Deputies were able to corral a boat left spinning in circles after a salmon fisher fell overboard on the Sacramento River. With a stuck throttle, the boat continued […]

State Fish and Wildlife Columbia River regional fishing reports


Keeping a watch on the Mohawk

Albany After nearly five decades of working to protect the Hudson River from pollution, the environmental group Riverkeeper is making steps to extend into the Mohawk River. This summer, the Riverkeeper patrol boat that routinely plies the Hudson made exploratory voyages on the Mohawk. "The Mohawk is the largest tributary of the Hudson, and I have been interested in getting on the Mohawk for a ...

The legendary Waterways of Europe

A river boat, stunning scenery, medieval cities, vineyards, castles, Austrian pastry, German bratwurst and beer, beautiful cathedrals, European history, and new friendships were all part of the Legendary Waterways of Europe Tour that we enjoyed for two weeks in September. During our 14-day river odyssey we traveled 1,127 miles though five countries, 68 locks, and made port calls in sixteen cities.

Old-school sailboats return to Poland's mighty Vistula

Jacek Marczewski (R) and helpers load a wooden boat on a trailer for transpot to the Vistula river on October 5, 2014 in Warsaw. Photo courtesy: AFP Jacek Marczewski (R) and helpers load a wooden boat on a trailer for transpot to the Vistula river on October 5, 2014 in Warsaw.


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